North Carolina State Association of Letter Carriers' Spring Training March 23-24 in Aberdeen, NC

This year's spring training will include classes on withholding, legislation, route inspections, suspensions and steward's rights, plus a general session Saturday morning. To view and print a copy of the agenda for you and your members, go here.

The GOP Tax Plan Tells Us Everything About Who Matters in American Democracy

The GOP says its plan is an effort to “fix our broken tax code,” and there can be no doubt that the code is broken. Our fabulously wealthy nation is mysteriously plagued by poverty. More than 40 million Americans currently live in poverty, including 11.5 million children. Over 41 million people live in what the U.S. Department of Agriculture defines as “food insecure households.” Millions of Americans literally could not afford to eat at some point during 2016. Families living a little higher up the economic ladder generally have a tenuous hold on their middle-class status: 78 percent of U.S. households report living paycheck to paycheck.

Read more of this Huffington Post article here.

Spring Training Seminar to Be Held at Hampton Inn & Suites Southern Pines-Pinehurst
March 23-24, 2018

Rooms Also Available at
Townsplace Suites Southern Pines-Aberdeen

Information on making reservations at either hotel can be found on our Events page.