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The North Carolina State Association of Letter Carriers was well represented at the NALC's 69th Convention in Philadelphia. Check out our web page chronicling the recent event by clicking here. All photos were taken by Area One's Bill Heidt. 

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Update your information: The online form for NALC members to sign up as members of the NALC e-Activist Network and the online form for NALC members to update their contact information are both back in service once again. 

Click here for the e-Activist Network form. 
Click here for the members’ contact information update form.

Remember, there are other news sources for North Carolina's letter carriers besides this website. Be sure to check out The North Carolina Letter Carrier Activist by clicking here. 

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And for the latest news regarding the Postal Service, letter carriers, working families, unions and NC politics in general, go to our State Association's Twitter page at

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Howie Leff Memorial Branch 936, High Point, NC, has a new website. Check it out here.

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You can access Charlotte Branch 545's website here.

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Click here for the latest news from your Executive Board: Cliff Davidson, Jr., Craig Schadewald, Frank Vega, Wayne White, Bill Heidt, Bob Wahoff, Reggie Gentle, Jamaal Mattocks  and Donna Dilling-Butler. Also editorials from Richard Thayer and our feature stories.

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Support the Fight Against Muscular Dystrophy.  Half a century of help...millions to fight muscular dystrophy. For details on how you can help click here.

You Gotta Laugh to Keep From Cryin'

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Cable 8 TV Show in the Greensboro Viewing Area

Sponsored by 

Triad Jobs With Justice

Co-hosted by Richard Koritz and O.W. Sweeney

Broadcast twice each week in the Greensboro viewing area Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday afternoons at 12:30 p.m.

Friday showings are a repeat of the Saturday shows.

Union Made

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Wayne White

National Sales Manager


North Carolina Letter Carriers,

we appreciate your business over the years

and look forward to serving your postal needs in the future

Attention: Newly Hired, Career-track 

City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) 

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If you have questions about pay, workload, relative standing and more should download the free NALC City Carrier Assistant Rights & Benefits booklet. This 12-page PDF also discusses uniforms, annual and sick leave, rights under the NALC-USPS National Agreement, health insurance, opting and hold-downs, and the various contract memorandums of understanding (MOUs) that deal specifically with CCAs. Click here to download the booklet (PDF, 1 MB).


MOU for filling residual vacancies: The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Re: Residual Vacancies – City Letter Carrier Craft, M-01824, puts in place a procedure for filling residual vacancies that includes assignment of unassigned regulars, conversion to regular of part-time flexibles (PTFs), transfers, and city carrier assistant (CCA) conversions to full-time regular career status. Read more about the procedure here. An updated list of vacancies available for transfer opportunities under M-01824 was posted in eReassign Feb. 1 and is available here. Transfer requests from career employees will be accepted through eReassign following the procedure in the MOU. For assistance with eReassign click here, or contact your shop steward, branch president or national business agent’s office. To find your national business agent’s office, click here.

Legislation Status

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S. 316: In the Senate, 31 senators so far have co-sponsored S. 316, a postal modernization measure that preserves Saturday mail delivery. Has yours? Find out here, then go here to look up members' contact information and ask yours to sign on. You can also click here to send your senator a note.

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H.R. 630: In the House, 185 members have co-sponsored H.R. 630, a postal modernization measure that preserves Saturday mail delivery. Is your representative a co-sponsor? Find out here, then go here to look up members' contact information and ask yours to sign on. You can also click here to send your representative a note.

H.R. 961: In the House 165 members have co-sponsored H.R. 961, a measure that calls for a refund of the USPS’ surplus in FERS. Is your representative a co-sponsor? Find out here, then go here to look up members' contact information and ask yours to sign on. You can also click here to send your representative a note.

H. Res. 30: In the House, a majority of the members have co-sponsored H.Res. 30, “expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States Postal Service should take all appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of its 6-day mail delivery service.” Has yours? Find out here, then go here to look up members' contact information and ask yours to sign on. You can also click here to send your representative a note.

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Carrier Corps members represent the views of letter carriers in Washington and help pro-letter carrier candidates win election in Congress. Click here to join.

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Guide to Route Inspections: This guide assists shop stewards and branch officers in identifying contractual violations that take place during management's unilateral six-day route counts and inspections/adjustments, and with filing successful grievances  on those violations. Click here to download the guide

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The Central NC Chapter of the American Red Cross needs volunteer drivers in Durham, NC for their transportation program. Drivers assist the elderly, low-income people and people with disabilities in getting to their medical appointments. For more info call 919-489-6541 ext 4120 and speak with Jeffrey Isaacson.

Postal Facts

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 BloombergBusinessweek interview with NALC Chief of Staff Jim Sauber ran June 6. Region 6 National           Business Agent Pat Carroll was interviewed for a “Workers’ Voice” podcast that was posted to the web on May 31. •

NALC President Fredric Rolando had letters run in two of the country's three largest newspapers on May 30. The largest, The Wall Street Journal, ran Rolando’s letter explaining how the gloom and doom of the USPS about its latest

quarterly report disguises positive financial developments. Rolando also set the record straight for USA Today’s editorial writers—and readers across the country—explaining why the paper’s editorial calling for Congress to cut postal services makes no sense. USA Today has the country’s third-largest circulation. The president was quoted in a May 28 story for the Bloomberg news service about Congress’ “bizarre” plan to raid the Postal Service to shore up the financially troubled Highway Trust Fund. The story noted that most of USPS’ red ink stems from pre-funding, mandated by the very Congress now proposing to take more money from USPS. Associated Press’ story about Rep. Darrell Issa’s latest bill heavily quoted Rolando, cited the bill’s opponents before Issa, and referred to cluster boxes as a “less convenient delivery method.” • Click here to read these and many other examples of how NALC leaders and activists are using the news media to spread the truth about the Postal Service’s financial situation. • Click here to find out how the NALC Communications Department can help members keep both the public and our elected representatives informed.

NALC President Fredric Rolando


This is The North Carolina Letter Carrier, the official website of the North Carolina State Association of Letter Carriers. If you've come here looking for information concerning active and retired letter carriers, you've come to the right place. We invite you stop in and visit with us a while. If you can't find what you're looking for or have questions, feel free to contact us via our Contact page.

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