Vice President
Tim Rorie

What's Next?

     I would like to thank all the of the candidates who participated in the 107th State Convention and the local branches and their delegates for attending this wonderful convention.
     Congratulation to the newly elected executive board and newly appointed LCCLs.
     What is next for our NC State Association of Letter Carriers?
     In the state of North Carolina, over several years, the General Assembly has managed to strip unemployment benefits, stop municipalities from raising wages for city workers, started using ID voter suppression tactics, and continue to push for right to work laws in North Carolina. This is impactful to thousands of residents, including friends, and family.
     During 2011 gerrymandering became a hot topic for the residents of North Carolina. Congressional Districts 1-12 were realigned to dilute voting strength by concentrating on Republican areas and squeezing Democratic voters.   

     But, the Supreme Court ruled this unconstitutional and several districts were once again realigned.
     Why is this important to the NCSALC?
     It is extremely important for our association and its LCCLs. The LCCLs will need to be well acquainted with their district and the congressperson who is currently serving that district as legislation continues to be pushed through Congress. We as LCCLs must be proactive and steadfast with the current Fact Sheet that NALC HQ has circulated.
     For instance, our newly ratified  agreement consists of a 1.2 wage increase, a grade raise, several COLA increases and CCAs getting six paid holidays, etc.  Subsequently, the White House has released a proposed budget for 2018 that would slash letter carrier pay and benefits.
     So, the function of our LCCLs in the areas of communication, and mobilization are critical to our future success as a union. Getting the facts into the hands of our representatives is a key component to establishing a good relationship with them.
     To the rank and file members of the NCSALC, I hope you are ready to stand and protect our collective bargaining rights.
     Thank you for your support. I am ready to serve this great Association.