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President's Corner
Craig Schadewald
Thank You For Allowing Me To Serve As Your Vice President
     During this past 2-year term, I’ve chaired all meetings of the Executive Board and attended all training sessions. I attended the Region 9 Rap session in Fort Lauderdale and the National Convention in Los Angeles. I’ve submitted quarterly articles for our State Association publication, The North Carolina Letter Carrier. I served as a delegate to the NC State AFL-CIO Convention. I worked as a NALC release during the Labor 2016 campaign as a zone lead coordinating volunteers and phone bank facilities, making phone calls and door knock canvassing in support of our candidates.

     I’ve had the opportunity to attend local branch meetings, CLC meetings, congressional meetings, candidate meet/greets and screenings, all in an effort to educate NALC members, other unions , political candidates and my own congressman about issues important to letter carriers, federal employees and working families.

     Our State Association’s primary role is legislation and politics. All State Associations have a NALC constitutional responsibility to use our resources to advance NALCs legislative and political agenda. This makes sense given that Congress has the ultimate say regarding the US Postal Service, as well as our employee healthcare, retirement and our collective bargaining rights.

     There are only a small number of NALC members at headquarters in comparison to the numbers within our state associations. We here in NC have the voice and power. Our state association must work to mobilize our members within the state to become legislatively and politically active, to get our message heard.


     Our state Congressional District Liaisons (CDLs) and Letter Carrier Congressional Liaisons (LCCLs) require training and resources to develop a relationship with his or her member of Congress and help fellow letter carriers communicate with them.

     During this convention not only did delegates elect officers to lead and move our state forward for the next two years, but delegates also had the opportunity to discuss, debate and vote on proposed resolutions and bylaws amendments that will shape our State Association legislative and political program. This program will allow CDLs and LCCLs to provide NC Letter Carriers with the tools and education to effectively communicate our message with their representative in the House of Representatives.    
     I remain committed and dedicated to our members of this State Association. I look forward to working with our members to advance our Association’s legislative and political movement to the next level. I hope I can count on your support!
     On a personal note, thank you to my awesome wife Darilyn, and my terrific sons Matt and Zach for their continued support of our union causes.

     Thanks to NALC Branch 545 for their hard work and hospitality while hosting our convention.

     Thank you, Brothers and Sisters, for without your involvement and support, where would our union be? And thank you for allowing me to serve as your Vice President. It has been an honor and a privilege.