NBA's 2017 Convention Report
Kenneth R. (Kenny) Gibbs, Jr.

There's a Lot Going On!
To: The North Carolina State Association of Letter Carriers Convention Delegates, I am honored to make my report to you as the Region 9 National Business Agent.

The first thing I want to say is thank you. Thank you for all of your support.

RAA’s Jeff  Siciunas, Lynne Pendleton, and Don Lyerly send their regards as well. Don is the newest member to the Region 9 office.

The NALC has several initiatives that are vital to our future as well as to the future of the United States Postal Service (USPS). One of the most important things we need to continue doing, with a sense of urgency, is to focus on organizing CCAs. Keep in mind CCAs are the only way letter carriers are now hired. Our strength lies in the fact that when we speak, we speak for all city letter carriers. A drop in membership would give the USPS the idea that we really do not have the support of all letter carriers. Not only do we need to get those CCAs signed up, we also need to get those career non-members signed up.

Thank you for sending your 1187s to my office for processing. Remember to ask all new carriers who report to your stations if they are signed up as a member. If they are not, please provide them an 1187 and invite them to join. The Carrier Academy instructors and On the Job Trainers (OJI) are doing a fantastic job in training the new CCAs. The Organizers are there to sign them up. Your follow-up is still needed for those who did not sign up during that time. Working together will give us better overall results.

In addition to organizing and negotiating a new National Agreement, we need to re-focus our attention on legislation. We have gone through elections of 2016 and now have a new President of the United States as well as House and Senate members who are not friendly toward worker issues. We must stay involved and be alert to let our representatives know how important it is for the Postal Service to maintain the service our customers need and expect.

In addition, we need reform that takes away the burden of pre-funding. No other government agency has this mandate. I ask you to place more emphasis on increasing the number of carriers in your branch who contribute to the Letter Carrier Political Fund. The Letter Carrier Political Fund, formerly known as COLCPE, gives us the ability to contribute to candidates that are supportive of our issues, regardless of Party Affiliation.

We have many other programs in progress. The Sunday delivery of Amazon parcels is still a huge success. We must do everything we can to keep up the good work we are doing with both delivery and scanning of these products. That is what the customer wants.

We are testing new vehicles. The new vehicles must be parcel friendly as well as safe. The District Safety Teams are on the street and in post office buildings identifying safety issues so that motor vehicle and OSHA illness and injuries can be reduced. Please continue to support them.

District EAP Advisory Committees also are doing everything they can to promote the EAP program.

Region 9 is involved in an Arbitration Scheduling Test. The test is designed to eliminate or reduce lost hearing dates and arbitration backlogs. Thanks to all the Arbitration Advocates who present and resolve grievances, and my office team, we have only 48 grievances pending arbitration in the entire region. That is an all time low. The Arbitration Advocates in North Carolina are Frank Vega, Eddie Davidson, and Caroline Jones.

The Step B Teams also work very hard to resolve grievances. On a quarterly basis, a representative from my office, along with a management representative from the Area Labor Relations Office meet with the teams to make sure they are functioning properly. The current NALC Step B Team members that handle grievances in North Carolina are Christina Davidson, Jamaal Mattocks, Glen Harvey, and Fred Vance.

As you can see, there is a lot going on. If we continue to work together I am sure we can have a positive impact on the future of the Postal Service and the NALC. Thank you again for the support you give me as your National Business Agent. Together we will be sure that the Postal Service and the NALC are healthy for many years to come.

Kenneth R. Gibbs Jr.
National Business Agent
The NALC Region 9