Director of Retirees
Wayne White

Review Very Carefully

     Open Season for health insurance is held once a year to allow government employees or retirees to change from one plan to another or change their status within their own plan. All health plans operate under the authority of the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program (FEHBP) enacted by Congress.
     The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) oversees all health plans in the federal government. OPM reviews the operations of every plan to ensure that each plan maintains financial reserves to cover claims. OPM determines premium rates and benefits. Claims are then monitored by OPM to ensure that the premiums will maintain their reserves.
     Many didn’t change health plans during the last open season. Whether you changed plans or not, you need to be aware of changes in the plan. Since there will be changes in premiums or benefits, there is a need to review your plan. All changes in each health plan, whether its changes in premiums or benefits, will be effective January 1, 2018.
     You need to review the brochure you receive from your Health Benefit Plan. If you changed plans, then be sure you received a brochure to determine your responsibility in co-pays, deductibles, payment caps on certain illness treatments and medicines.
     Should there be questions, in your mind that your brochure does not satisfy you, then call your Plan. It is better to inquire than to be blind-sided by an expensive cost.
     Reviewing the brochure will assist you in determining your financial responsibility if you or a family member is facing a bout with serious illness, major surgery or long time medical treatment.
     So, once again, let me encourage you to review your health plan brochure to ensure no surprise financial costs.

Director of Retirees
Wayne White

Looking Forward to Serving You These Next Two Years

     Let me begin my report by thanking the membership of our State Association for the confidence placed in me by re-electing me to serve another term as Director of Retirees. It has been a great honor and privilege to fill this position.

     Over the past two years (2015-2017) I attended all state executive board meetings. I was present at the NALC Health Benefit seminar in Las Vegas in October of 2015. A report of this was published in The North Carolina Letter Carrier.

     Every inquiry I received was addressed. Some of these had to be referred to the national or other government agencies.

     I would be remiss if I didn't recognize the passing of three of our members who made valuable contributions to our State Association. They are Wayne Carlyle of Kinston, former state president David Summers of Charlotte and George LeVander of Rockingham. May our Lord Jesus Christ grant them eternal rest.

     Let me acknowledge the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ which enabled me to carry out my duties.