John Cowan & Danny Straub

It Was A Pleasure and an Honor to Have Served as the State's Delegate-at-Large
By John Cowan
     As your Delegate-at-Large for the past two years I attended the State training seminars, State Convention, National Regional Rap Session, National Health Benefit Seminar and the National Convention. I ensured that all needed North Carolina Letter Carrier banners and any items needed to identify our state was present and displayed at these meetings. It has been my pleasure and my honor to have served and represented this,  my State Association.
     At all these meetings and events the one theme that stuck with me was that as a Union we must be unified and of one accord when it comes to protecting our members and protecting and maintaining the Post Office as we have come to know it over the years. We must fight any attempt by politicians, and some misled management personnel, from attempting to dismantle and privatize the Postal Service. One of the most important things we can do individually is contribute to the Letter Carrier Political Fund. This is like buying insurance to guarantee we have a voice and an avenue to have our voices heard in Washington. By doing this one thing and by getting involved at the grass root level, together we can keep and preserve the American dream alive one day and one person at a time.
     I would also take this time to remember those brothers and sisters who came before us who gave of themselves and their time to preserve this Post Office and the working conditions we have now. These brothers and sisters persevered by hard work and being dedicated to each others well being. They knew that an injury or injustice to one was against them all.
     I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the North Carolina State Association for allowing me this opportunity and privilege to serve you as your Delegate-at-Large. 
     May all be blessed. Thank you. 

     Brother Cowan was not re-elected as a Delegate-at-Large. He is replaced by Christina Vela Davidson of Durham, NC.

Stepping Down After 50 Years of Service to Letter Carriers
By Danny Straub
     Over the past two years as Delegate-at-Large I attended all called meetings since my election in June, 2015, except for the 2017 Spring Training session held in Winston-Salem. I was unable to attend because of doctor's  restrictions after having left knee replacement surgery and blisters forming below the surgery site that got infected. 
     I helped John Cowan, our other Delegate-at-Large, set up our seating arrangements in Los Angeles for the National Convention in August. 2015. I served briefly as the State Association's vice president this year prior to the 2017 State Convention. It s been my pleasure to serve the LETTER CARRIERS in NORTH CAROLINA for the past 50 years and it is time for someone to step up and take over.

     Brother Straub did not seek re-election. He is replaced by Annie Woods of High Point, NC