Area 6 Representative
Khaled Khalafalla

Food Drive Was a Megahit
     The annual food drive conducted by the letter carriers of branch 248 serves the needy of Henderson County. This year was a phenomenal megahit with over 40 thousand pounds of food collected in Hendersonville with the branch total coming in at 241,000.
     All the carriers and volunteers worked very hard to make this food drive a success. The mail carriers rolled into the postal facility after a day of hard work loaded with canned goods and dry products.
     I am pleased beyond measure with the amount of food that was collected. Everyone involved gave of their time and energy to make this happen.
     We also received recognition from our local radio station WHKP. I was honored with an on-air interview and the Rhonda Hollifield/WHKP Hometown Hero award for organizing this year’s event. The recognition is an added bonus for all carriers because of the extra effort of collecting many pounds of food on top of doing their normally superb job of mail service.        
     My heartfelt thanks goes out to all who worked hard to make this year’s food drive the best yet. I look forward to an even better success next year!

Area 6 Representative
Cassandra Scott

Making a Difference....Together

   During my term as Area 6 Representative, I attended all Executive Board meetings and State training sessions, all National and Regional Rap sessions, but missed the National Convention last year due to surgery.

     I had the honor of joining the District Safety team last year and I’ve gotten to know and meet a lot of wonderful people from different installations. Hoping our presence made a difference and helped even just a few.

     I’ve attended our local branch meetings through 2016 as V.P and Chief City Steward of Br. 248 and this year as Secretary and Chief City Steward. I also served as our branch's Food Drive Coordinator. Asheville was number #1 in our category last year thanks to our great carriers and volunteers!

     I’ve been active in our local Central Labor Council as Secretary and NALC Rep. the last two years and have worked closely with other unions on issues and legislation affecting us. I did walks with State Reps. before the presidential election and helped phone bank previous elections.

     It’s been encouraging seeing new carriers step up as stewards since I’ve been active in the union over 25 years and close to retiring. Please continue to let me know if I can assist you in any way.

     It’s been an honor and privilege serving you these past two years. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up for your rights…we can make a difference together!

     Sister Scott did not seek re-election as Area 6 Representative. The new Area 6 Representative is Khaled Khalafalla of Hendersonville, NC.