Area 4 Representative
Richard Koritz

The Importance of Labor Solidarity
     On August 7, the active membership of NALC overwhelmingly ratified the 2016-2019 National Agreement with USPS by more than a 16-to-1 margin. Of almost 84,000 votes cast, fewer than 5,000 voted to reject. The members clearly see the new contract as a positive accomplishment, especially in light of the difficult times that even the organized section of the U.S. working class faces these days.
     Certainly, much of the credit for this contract is due to the effective leadership of NALC President Fred Rolando and to the leadership team around him. No doubt, there will also be much self-congratulation in our ranks.
     One area of NALC weakness is the lack of education on the importance of labor solidarity. For example, let’s look at one big difference between this NALC contract and the one it replaces. Under that one, there was a record turnover of CCAs. In that round of postal negotiations, the APWU, the other large union in the USPS, led off, APWU negotiated a substandard contract, which its then-president sold to APWU members. The NALC leadership repeatedly spoke then about the difficult position this put our negotiators in.
     The APWU members, dissatisfied with that contract themselves, elected a new leadership led by Greensboro’s Mark Dimondstein. Again, in the current round of negotiations, the APWU led off. But this time, the APWU contract served as a source of strength for NALC. President Rolando has spoken well of President Dimondstein’s strong solidarity with six-day delivery and his initiative to bring the four postal unions into cooperation.
     Dealing honestly and modestly with the successful outcome of both APWU and NALC contract efforts is a good way to bring home the importance of solidarity to every NALC member.
     In our unity lies our strength.

Area 4 Representative
Reggie Gentle


It Has Been An Honor To Serve

     During my term as Area 4 Representative I have attended all State training sessions, Regional Rap Sessions and the National Convention.

     I have had the honor and privilege of visiting several offices in Area 4 and met some of the new CCA's that are excited to be part of this great union and ready and willing to help take this union to the next level. 

     In solidarity we'll continue to move forward and continue to be successful.  We must continue to be united, leaving our office stronger more united than when we started.  It's not that we know any more than our predecessors, but we were able to build on the ground work that they laid for us.

     As we continue to have the privilege to train and mentor new officers and shop stewards, it's very rewarding to have the National Association of Letter Carriers to continue to issue new training materials and classes as well as innovative ways of training new members. 

     We must continue to strive in organizing our CCA's, show them the importance of what 'union' really means and why it's important to stay strong.  United, as one, we are stronger.  In numbers there is power.

     Once again, it's been a great honor and privilege to have served as the State Assosciation's Area 4 Representative. Thank you.

(Brother Gentle did not seek another term as Area 4 Representative. Area 4's new Representative is Brother Richard Koritz.)