Area 3 Representative
Bob Wahoff

Two or Three Items
      Have you ever noticed that when it rains people will drive the same speed in their vehicles as if water on the pavement does not make the road surface slick? I believe some folks even drive faster, as if it was a race. Do we like to take chances or are we just not very bright?    
     I know heat can take a toll on our delivery of the mail. I don't think the human body works as well when it is overheated. We must take care not to put ourselves in danger just because management wants an eight hour day. I have heard them say that the heat should have no effect on our performance and that having many parcels should not add to our route time. Tell that one to the carrier on CR32 or one of the Camp Lejeune routes.
     I have noticed a couple of our faster carriers have not noticed the heat yet. Its time to wake up. Its simple math. Do the routes as they are supposed to be carried. Take no shortcuts. Cross all the T's and dot all the I's. We are paid by the hour not by how fast you go.
     I just read president Rolando's article in the Postal Record. Well written and to the point. We must get the message to those in Washington that everything is not roses and that they have a lot of things broken. If Trump’s budget goes as he wants it we will take the hit, not him, not the fat rich cats, the people like all of us who just want a decent living for us and our families. We will not get rich working for the postal service but we will be alright. Read Rolando's article, read it again, and understand what Washington wants to do to our pay.
     We had a good turn out at our last meeting. Thank you for coming. I hope to see you again this next meeting. All of us in Area 3 need to support our branches by attending the meetings. 

Area 3 Representative
Bob Wahoff


     One word, but one with a lot of power and meaning. A rigid adherence to a code of behavior. The state of being unimpaired, soundness, completeness, unity.
     With integrity you are very strong. Without it you are weak. Most of us are not rich people but if we have integrity it is better than gold or silver. It is our word, our bond between those we live and work with; with our family and friends, but most of all between our union sisters and brothers.

     If your words and actions are less than honorable, honest, and truthful, your integrity could come into doubt, your motive questioned. You must always be honest and straight forward, even when it will not please those near you. A lie will always come back and haunt you. The truth is the truth.

     Those people with little or no integrity have only their own self in mind. They do not care for others. “What is in it for me?” is always their question.

     Always be honest and display to others that you are a person with integrity. Integrity is also one of the most powerful of the leadership traits.

     I wish to report that I have completed all of the duties of Area 3 Representative for the past two years. As we move forward under new leadership in our country and our great union, thank you for allowing me to serve another two years as your Area 3 Representative in the State Association.