Area 1 Representative
Bill Heidt

It's All In the Delivery Of the Message

      We are in a service related industry.  We do not make a product. We are responsible for delivering a multitude of them though. How we deliver the mail will dictate how people respond to our industry.
     I recently scheduled an oil change on my vehicle (which is new).  I called the dealership and asked for a day when I could get the first appointment. They told me to bring it in on a certain day and they would be able to do it first thing.
     One would think that an oil change is not very tough to do.  But I was at the dealership for almost two hours. When I asked the service advisor what happened she said nothing. I asked about the length of time it took and I was told that it normally takes an hour and a half to do an oil change. When I do my own, I am finished in about twenty minutes. I guess being in a shop geared up with tools and all that equipment creates a delay.
     My point is this: if the service advisor was more forthcoming about the reasons for the delay I might have been a little more understanding of the situation. In the future I will not use that dealership due to the poor service and then the covering up of the circumstances.
     As letter carriers, we work very hard to service our customers. We should provide them with the absolute best service possible. When we deliver mail we should always get it right.  After all, that is our business.  We should handle parcels with care as though they are our possessions.  We offer but one product and that is good reliable service.            
     We all have seen the video clips of people doing the wrong thing. Nothing travels faster than bad news. In tToday’s market people have options to use other service providers. With the market cornered by our universal service and with the lowest prices available, I would think that people would be foolish to use other providers. No matter what we do today, we owe it to our customers to be professional.      

     Take care and pride in your job and it will show to our customers. 
     If at times there is a mistake, let’s be professional enough to admit it, correct it, and certainly learn from it so it doesn’t become commonplace.      
     When we go out to eat a meal, we go for the most part because of the service. Yes, partly because of the food, but if we really wanted it perfect, we would cook it ourselves.  
     When the service suffers at a restaurant we don’t usually go back there. We are more likely to forgive a mistake with the food than with the service. We all have a place we like to go to eat because the service is really good to and for us. 
     Let’s keep this mind when we service our customers in the future. We can build a menu of service and provide them the best service. There is nothing better than hearing a customer say thank you and say they appreciate the service we provide.
     We send our customers this message by making them the most important  delivery every day and in every way.   

Area 1 Representative
Bill Heidt

Thank You For Allowing Me To Serve As Your Area Rep

     During my term as Area One Representative I have attended all State training sessions, National and Regional Rap sessions and the National convention.  I have visited several offices in my area in order to further the State Association’s business.  I have assisted those offices in any capacity that has been requested of me.  It has been my privilege to have been elected as Area One Representative. 

     During my time as Area One representative there have been many changes and challenges.  I have met them head on and done what is in the best interest of the state association of letter carriers.  We have had a tough time and there are many challenges that lie ahead of us.  With solidarity and steadfast determination we can get through these times together. 

     I have seen some talented new stewards of this union step forward and hope to see more of that. I am and will always be available to assist anyone in any way that is needed. With the new political agenda coming out of Washington we need to be unified in our struggle to maintain the benefits and rights that we currently enjoy. 

     I want to thank the membership for allowing me to serve as Area One Representative and again it has been an honor to do so.